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About us

The Charleston Café is a family-owned and operated business that combines the best of the time-honored traditions of my family and the city of Cudahy with a modern-day vision of coffee houses. My father purchased the building in the 1970s with family in mind. Everyone in our family has been involved since that time. His hard-working ethics and entrepreneurial spirit kept the dream alive for all of these years. Cudahy was a destination place for blue-collar workers since its inception. Bars and rooming houses allowed people from all over to come and work at the many factories that existed within the area at the time.

We wanted to bring the family atmosphere and old-world feel to a modern coffee house, bringing Cudahy back to its glory years and giving the people a place to meet and relax. We want to let the world know that Cudahy has great things to offer, is a wonderful place to raise a family, and is a great destination for businesses to flourish.

You may be wondering why we call ourselves the Charleston Café. Back in the Roaring '20s, this building was known as the "Charleston Hotel & Tavern." We wanted to pay homage to the previous generations that kept this building intact, and who have given us the opportunity to chase our dreams and open our Café. This building holds many memories and stories, along with the history of Old Cudahy within its walls. Today, we wish to keep those memories alive, share those stories, and pass on our city’s great history. We are more than happy to share this next chapter of our history with all of you, and hope you enjoy your time at the Charleston Café!